There’s no two ways about it, remote working as a team can be incredibly challenging. Not having your team working in the same space together can bring a whole host of difficulties.

But don’t despair, there are many great tools available to help make remote working easier as a team.

Here, Steamed Egg list five top tools for remote teams.


For Staying Productive and Organised: Trello


Trello is the holy grail of tools when it comes to staying productive and keeping organised. It’s a fantastic platform for your whole team to use, that helps users keep track of what needs to be done and what’s currently being tackled.

Trello makes it easy to keep lists of tasks organised and easily accessible to those who need them. Furthermore, the platform allows you to make boards for specific people or projects, so that everything can stay organised in the one place.

Large projects can have multiple lists and teams, and managers can pull lists to the forefront when it’s time for a project to be completed. Trello’s interface is sleek, organised and easy to use meaning you shouldn’t have any problems getting your team adapted to using the tool on a regular basis.


For Team Meetings: Zoom


At this point, you’d be hard-pressed to find a person alive who doesn’t know how to use Zoom. Zoom has become a major part of remote life since the beginning of the pandemic, whether using it for socialising or working.

Zoom is not the only video conference tool available, but there’s a good reason why everyone returns to it. First of all, the platform can be used completely free of charge, which makes it a great option for small businesses not wanting to shell out a large amount of money to work remotely. Zoom also offers great features like chat and breakout rooms to help bring variation to your remote interactions.




The value of face-to-face exchanges with your team cannot be underrated while working remotely. Platforms like Zoom mean that meetings can happen in a more organic and natural way, allowing people to freely share their ideas and interact with coworkers. If you’re still holding meetings over the phone, it’s worth exploring a transition to Zoom. 


For Team Projects: Google Drive


For most people, Google Drive will not be a new discovery. Even if you’re not currently using this service, chances are you’ve used it before. However, many of us haven’t used Google Drive to its full potential.

The beauty of Google Drive is the connectivity and real-time collaboration you can have with your coworkers as you create. Whether you’re working on a spreadsheet, writing a document or creating a presentation, Google Drive allows you to work with members of your team instantly.

As well as the advantage of real-time collaboration, Google Drive allows teams to work on big projects easily together, as all members of the team can have access to the files created, to edit or refer to as they need. Google Drive is not a shocking addition to this list, but it is a fantastic platform that allows real-time collaboration and easy access to team projects.


For Staying Sane: Headspace


Headspace is another app that many of us have heard of or even used before, but the focus and relaxation that Headspace can bring means it has to make the list.




For those who are unaware, Headspace is a guided meditation app that offers a range of relaxing and mindful exercises for all kinds of situations. Headspace premium even has a selection of meditations designed for the working environment.

While working from home, our focus can be tested and meditation can be a great way to regain some of that focus and clarity.


For Designing and Collaboration: InVision


InVision is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive suites available for designing software remotely.

This fantastically rated platform has everything you could possibly need when it comes to software design. With InVision, teams can design collaboratively and instantly – the software intuitive and well designed to give a great user experience.

Real-time collaboration is an essential part of the design process, but can be a challenge while working remotely. InVision Freehand is a digital whiteboard that allows you to wireframe, plan, design presentations, and give and receive feedback, between designers as well as in conjunction with stakeholders.

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