• Create a virtual break room
  • Encourage regular praise and appreciation
  • Do virtual team building events

One of the big things that we’re all missing while working from home are those small little interactions that we used to have with team members.

Not only is it frustrating being unable to reach out to team members easily, but many of us are feeling isolated because we’re missing the social side of the office. Those small interactions that we have with coworkers turn them into three-dimensional people instead of email addresses constantly demanding work from you. Working from home in this way can therefore leave us feeling disconnected from our team, uninspired and alone.

So how can we recreate this social time and allow remote workers to blow off steam with their teammates in a relaxed, pressure-free setting? There are a few simple and easy things you can do to create this vital time for interaction between your team, here are just some of our favourite ideas.


Team Building Nights


Virtual team building and games nights can be an amazing way to bring back that sense of team bonding to staff working remotely.



When the only interactions we have with co-workers are entirely work focused, relationships can quickly become tense and the sense of teamwork can disappear.

The bond between teams is often tested during remote working and especially if your team has been thrust into working from home with little warning. Team building virtually is a great way to let your team blow off steam and work together with a little friendly competition.

Using a company like Steamed Egg means the evening is easy to organise. We’ll customise the evening to meet your needs, with events consisting of a number of games all played completely virtually. An evening of team building is a great idea to reconnect your team, rebuild that sense of camaraderie and create some much needed space for fun and socialising.


Virtual Break Rooms


When we’re in the office it’s very easy to grab a coffee and have a chat with those around us, but while we’re at home we can feel isolated, and reaching out to our fellow coworkers for a chat can feel very intimidating. One way to recreate this time is through a virtual break room.

This can help to alleviate some of those feelings of isolation, and allow coworkers to socialise in a very unstructured, pressure-free environment. Create a virtual break room by using a platform like Zoom and give everyone in your team the link. You could set up specific times for the break room to be open, or leave it open all day. This is a great way to get your remote team to socialise as there’s very little pressure and you never know who you’re going to get to chat with.

Another great thing about a virtual break room is that nobody has to engage, for the introverts out there, you can still have a coffee on your own at your desk, with no pressure or obligation to socialise.


A Social Start to Meetings


While working from home, we can easily feel overwhelmed by what we need to achieve and the problems we have to overcome. It makes it tempting to use all of our meeting time to try and tackle those problems, but what if we took a little bit of that time and started the meetings off positively with some socialising?




Instead of immediately jumping into problem solving, start meetings with some dedicated social time, hear about everyone’s weekend or bring a talking prompt to the chat. Not only will this make the start of your meetings a little more gentle, but you’ll also be giving back some of that much needed social interaction time between your team.


Encourage Praise and Appreciation


One way to start a structured, positive dialogue between your remote team is to create space for some appreciation.

Encourage your team to communicate their thanks and praise for the rest of their team. You might like to do this by starting your meetings praising and appreciating the hard work of your team, then open up the floor to anyone else. Make sure your praise is specific and sincere, and your team will be sure to appreciate it.

You could also have your team message you with their praise and thanks for other team members, and announce them all at the end of the week for a feel good transition into the weekend. Being noticed and appreciated for the hard work we do is so fulfilling, and having it come from our team members can make us feel like a valued part of the team.

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