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Laughter is the best medicine. No, really, it is. It combats stress by releasing endorphins, and can even cause you to burn a few calories. It’s a form of bonding and communication and helps to create memories that can bring people together.

January is a month of cold weather and early starts. There is a post-festive comedown – the Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties and festivities are over, and hard work must resume for the year ahead.

However, this doesn’t necessarily equate to a lack of fun. Laughter should still be had and is especially important to uphold mindfulness and personal wellness.

Typically, an adult laughs 18 times a day, and 97% of this is spent laughing with others. We laugh because others laugh, just like we yawn because others yawn.

Working remotely has severely curtailed social interaction, especially for those who live, and thus work, alone. This article has outlined a few top ways to keep your team laughing through January.


Make Time to Enjoy Yourselves


A great way to do so is to devote an afternoon or evening a month to virtual activities that all workers can participant in. Steamed Egg offers 6 varied, fully-hosted challenge games to try. This includes managing pre-event communication to get workers ready and hyped, to hosting the event and finally creating a follow up landing page for all participants with highlights of the activity.



There are six activity choices to choose from such as ‘Leonardo Da Virtual’ where teams must work together to explain images to their allocated artist (another team member). The image options are usually very random, leading way for a possibility of laughs and wrong answers.

The 6 challenge choices encourage communication, laughter and lots of imagination – three things which are often forgotten about with regards to remote working – (Find out more about our remote team building games).


Subscription Services


Subscription services have reached new heights in 2020 from Netflix to Bloom and Wild to Deliveroo Premium. A great idea for the new year is to gift your valued employees with a yearly subscription service. This could be for flowers, or even something humorous like patterned socks.

For employees who come from overseas, the monthly boxes could be filled with goods from their hometown like American sweets and for health lovers, it could be smoothie or daily vitamin packs to keep a happy and healthy workforce.

Each month, the arrival of the subscription will no doubt put a smile, and a laugh, on the recipients face, and make them feel like a valued employee.


Virtual Comedy Nights


Of course, it’s no surprise that a comedian has made the list. Comedy is fundamental to laughter. Several companies offer bespoke comedy nights for companies. They can be informed of inside jokes prior to the event and can be sure to include these to arouse smiles.




Alternatively, companies could appoint a new CFO each month, otherwise known as the Chief Fun Officer. The CFO could head these virtual comedy nights themselves – each month with a new theme.

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