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While the Christmas office party is a must-have celebration for businesses everywhere, with remote working staff often separated by substantial distances (as well as the past year’s COVID-19 pandemic) virtual parties have become a fun alternative for teams unable to meet up in person.

Virtual Christmas parties can be a fantastic way for teams to socialise and bond outside of office hours – however, as with any event, it’s important to party in style!

To help those wanting to plan a virtual Christmas party, here are some of the main festive elements to consider doing in style:

  • Invitations
  • Food and drink
  • Dress code
  • Entertainment

By paying attention to these vital party elements, you can help create a virtual Christmas do your remote team will love.




While a simple Google calendar invite is practical and efficient, you can start to generate buzz around the virtual party by sending out invitations with a bit more flair.




With many social gatherings and events being banned throughout the pandemic, making your virtual Christmas party an event in every aspect could bring some much-needed cheer to isolated remote workers during the festive seasons.

Whether you’re planning on sending through a virtual e-vite or something in the post, it’s fun to get creative with your party’s invitations. Some fun ideas could include:

  • Clues for the party’s entertainment (e.g. a list of what they’ll need).
  • Personalised festive invitation designs.
  • A delivery of fun Christmas decorations for employees to put up in their rooms for the party.

Adding a special something to the party’s invitations can be a great introduction to the festive celebrations.


Dress Code


Although by definition, the virtual Christmas party is not an in-person event, having a dress code can help to increase engagement at the do, making it feel all the more like an occasion by dressing up for it.

Whether you’re going for a more formal feel or perhaps a themed fancy dress, setting a dress code can help add to the fun of your virtual Christmas do.


Food and Drink


Organising food and drink for all your team members can be a great touch for a virtual Christmas party.




While timing an entire remote team to eat a full course meal at the same time might be a bit too challenging, providing your team with a generous amount of snacks and drink can help to enhance the party atmosphere from within each of their remote locations.




No Christmas party is complete without some entertainment – virtual Christmas parties being no exception to the rule!

Secret Santa is a classic Christmas festivity that can also be done remotely, Secret Santas able to send gifts in the post to team members they’re assigned to. Opening Secret Santas could be a great activity to start off any virtual Christmas do.

Additionally, Steamed Egg offer a range of different virtual team building activities for remote working teams to enjoy. These team building events aren’t only fun and entertaining for staff, but are also designed to help promote team bonding amongst players – perfect for helping remote working staff to connect and improve on their collaboration skills.

The Virtual Christmas Party: Final Thoughts…


Remote working comes with a multitude of benefits, however, from time to time it can leave staff feeling isolated and disengaged with team members.




Taking the time to host virtual events that encourage remote staff to connect and improve their team building skills can help employees feel closer to their colleagues and to their business – all while helping to make them feel appreciated by celebrating their hard work for the year.

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