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Phil & Holly ITV Good Morning

Steamed Egg were on ITV?

Yep, to our own surprise, on 10th October 2019 Eden and I found ourselves setting up our equipment about to go live on “This morning with Phil and Holly”. It was a pretty crazy and finance experience and without a doubt one of the top moments in our 2 year journey.

How did this come about!?

Many of our customers are PA’s so our sales efforts focus on connecting with executive assists about team building. ITV is a lively show biz brand so I thought it would be worth getting in touch. After emailing a few PAs there, one afternoon in late july 2019, a few hours later we got a message back from Nicola Penny on the “This Morning with Phillip & Holly” Team. Nic said she thought it looked awesome and that we should come in to give her team a demo as it could be good for their team building . . . and possibly to go on the show! Eden and I were a little surprised and absolutely buzzing at the possibility. A few weeks later, at the end of August, we went into their offices and gave the “This morning” Team a tasted of our favourite VR game – Richie’s plank experience.

ITV This Morning-1

And they loved it! So much so that 2 weeks later we got a call from Sahley the producer. He said it’s going to be on the opening slot for the show!

ITV iPad Coffee Machine

By the way,  ITV has THE most awesome iPad coffee machine I ever seen.

Two Months later. The big day!

On October 9th we made our way to ITV’s studio, previously the BBC Television centre!

Early start! 7:42 am Just as it was turning cold!

Jason at ITV's Make Up

 First stop of the day was make up. Obviously Eden found this part hilarious. 

The whole team at the studio were super friendly. Their small talk game is 10/10. One thing you appreciate going through this process is how many people are involved in making the show happen day in day out. And how much work it takes to Vet, plan and pull off 5 minutes of TV for each and every guest.

Setting up and Testing at ITV Studios

The operational machine of “This Morning” and Live TV in general is nothing short of a marvel! Setting up and testing the equipment was a a little nerve wracking being around so many professionals. 

Jason All Dressed up

Makeup done. Highly questionable  choice of attire from me. I was repping our famous Spice girls Steamed Egg T-shirt. And Eden’s blazer. On reflection, blue blazer yellow T-shirt combo probably not my best wardrobe decision for live TV!!

Appreciating The irony of hundreds of thousands of pounds of camera equipments pointing at our Humble VR kit.

Holly and Phil the reviewing their show notes for the day!

Jason & Eden About to go Live at ITV

About to go live….

How did it go?

Rather than me tell you can just see for yourself in the video . . . .

Nearly thought I was going to have to dive across the studio to save Holly  . . .

Jason live at ITV Studios

The moment the pressure nearly got the better of me. Almost forgot how to work the laptop . .

What are Holly and Phil like?

We only had a few minutes of interacting with the pair. to be frank the TV spot wasn’t about Steve Big Momma is about showing the public VR and giving Holly and Phil something very entertaining to show the audience. So our time with Holly and Phil’s was quite limited.

Holly & Phil from ITV Good Morning

Holly is smiley, bubbly and very welcoming.  You could tell by the way he ran the retakes “Shall we try that again!” and how he and carried himself phil ran the show.

Phil and Holly and get a selfie

We even managed to grab Holy and Phil on their way back from the studio to their dressers to take this photo with them. Win of the day. 

Were you Nervous? 

Yes! Especially on the day and as we were about to go live. To put it in perspective I was more nervous about doing a team building event for 115 guests with Toyota in September 2019. That to me was a challenge that really pushed what we do. To be honest going on the show was a bit of fun and well within our technical know how so I was relaxed about it.  Eden does a lot of worrying for me! He’s great at it.

Did we get loads of business from being on TV?

Sort of. Not really in the first instance when the show first aired. We got a handful of enquiries, half asking if we could do kids parties! Unfortunately, ITV didn’t put up our website address or mention that we do team building despite me trying to negotiate that. But since then going on TV has been, hand down the most prolific single thing people in my network talk to us about! It’s leads to a handful of jobs at friends companies and new customers always want to know what it was like. I’ve no doubt that seeing that we know what we’re doing with all this tech enough for ITV to trust us to run it on Live TV is a massive reassurance!

The Most Amazing Thing

The Most impressive thing that actually happened that day. ^


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