• Organise a virtual team breakfast
  • Invest in virtual team building
  • Start meetings with some good news

The distractions of home life and the lack of contact with our coworkers can often make remote working a challenge. 

When we first start working from home it’s all very new and exciting, the opportunity to work in our pyjamas cancelling out all the negatives. But for teams that have been working remotely for some time, the day-to-day of remote working can start to feel monotonous. 

As a manager, it’s great to try and put some of the excitement back into working from home. When we work in the office we often have little treats to look forward to, whether it’s a drink in the pub on Friday or the office summer party – and there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t recreate those treats and incentives for your remote workers.

Here are 5 of our favourite ideas for putting the fun back into remote working.


Create a Virtual Break Room


One of the things that often feels missing for remote working employees is the time socialising with coworkers. When we’re in the office it’s very easy to grab a coffee and have a chat with those around us, but while we’re at home we can feel isolated, and reaching out to our fellow coworkers for a chat can seem intimidating.




Creating the virtual break room can help to alleviate some of those feelings of isolation, and allow coworkers to socialise in a very unstructured, pressure-free environment. You can create a virtual break room by using platforms like Zoom, setting up specific times for the room or having it left open and free for staff to join whenever throughout day. 

Another great thing about a virtual break room is that no one is obligated to engage, meaning those more introverted don’t have a social obligation to join the team for a chat, but the option is always there if they want it. 


Organise a Virtual Team Breakfast


Companies will often provide teams with a complimentary breakfast to celebrate the completion of a project, or welcoming new staff members to the team. But why not celebrate the hard work your team is doing outside of the office by sending them their own complimentary breakfast?

You might like to use this as a celebration of a specific piece of work – for example if you just completed a big project – but it can also become a regular event to show your team that you appreciate all the hard work they’re doing from home.

Support a local business by ordering pastries, fresh fruit or nice coffees for your team. It might also be a good idea to take requests a few days before so that the staff are getting a breakfast they like and can look forward to.

These breakfasts can also be a great time to have a positive team meeting, enjoying your breakfast together and talking about life outside of work, or all the amazing work that’s been done.


Hold Virtual Team Building Events


Virtual team building and games nights can be an amazing way to bring back that sense of community and bonding to teams working remotely. 

Not only is a team building event with a company like Steamed Egg a fun and exciting way to get your team to work together and blow off steam, but it’s easy to organise as we’ll customise your evening to meet your needs.


Gameshow virtual team event


Events consist of a number of games, all played completely virtually, where teams can get a little friendly competition going and have an evening of fun. The bond between teams is often tested during remote working, especially if your team has been thrust into this due to the coronavirus pandemic. An evening of team building is a great idea to reconnect your team and rebuild that sense of camaraderie.


Start Meetings with the Good News


As managers, when work is starting to get on top of us we can often project that onto our teams. It can be all too easy to feel like we have so many things to fix that we have to immediately jump into problem solving when it comes to meetings. But what if we put the problems on hold for 10-minutes? Why not start your meetings with 10 minutes of positive news?

You could open the floor up to your team and get some personal positive news or come prepared with real-world good news stories. Another option would be to start your meetings by praising and appreciating the hard work of your team, make praise specific and sincere and your team will be sure to appreciate it.


Bring Back Fun Fridays


Weeks can feel long working from home, so why not put some fun back into your Fridays? Whether you want to do casual Fridays for your video calls, or dedicate some time to weekly socialising or team building, there are loads of ways to make Fridays more enjoyable. 




If your team used to enjoy the bonding experience of visiting the pub together on a Friday, why not suggest a virtual pub? Here, your team members can bring their own drinks to a casual video call. Whatever you decide to do, try to make Fridays feel a little special for your team.

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