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It would be a lie to say that 2020 has been filled with fun. With trips cancelled, hospitality shut and millions working remotely, companies have had to adapt in upholding the morale and productivity of their workers.

Fun team ideas prior to the COVID-19 pandemic included escape rooms, company dinners and possibly even trips away or abroad. 

Here, we explore 6 fun team activities for remote workers in 2021.


1 – Steamed Egg


Steamed Egg offers fully hosted, online team building events. From just £30 per person (plus VAT), Steamed Egg organises the fun-filled events from start to finish. This includes managing pre-event communication to get workers ready and hyped, to hosting the event and finally creating a follow up landing page for all participants with highlights of the activity.




There are six activity choices to choose from, including ‘This Time It’s Personal’, where participants work together with other team members to work out which members of the other team answered certain questions, to ‘Race of Knowledge’ where participants apply their trivia knowledge to race from a random Wikipedia article to the one provided by the host.

These games include team collaboration as well as fun and quick thinking. The 6 challenge choices encourage communication, laughter and lots of imagination – three things which are often forgotten about with regards to remote working.

The activities are perfect for when big deadlines are completed, or to just bring the team together in communal spirit.


2 – Show and Tell


The classic primary school game. But, it’s not just dedicated to the young – show and tell can also be a fun game to play with friends and colleagues.

The premise of the game is to essentially have team members share something important to them with the rest of the team. This can allow others to get to know them better, as well as explore mutual interests.

It can take place via any online meeting software. The member can present their item, and then answer questions from their peers. This can be both entertaining and interesting.


3 – Birth Map


Colleagues can join together using a collaborative online map, such as Google Maps to pin which city they were born in. They can then come together and share a short story about the city – or an unknown fact.

What the Birth Map does is not only connect members together in engaging discussions, but also allows them to share fun stories from their past.

It’s super interesting to see the diversity of the company’s voices right in front of one’s eyes on a visual, and can even allow for deeper discussions of cultural values and differences.

The game doesn’t have to necessarily revolve around birth either – the theme can be changed to almost anything exciting, like favourite holiday spots, dream destinations or which university city you spent time in.


4 – Friday Feeling


Many offices finish early on a Friday. But it doesn’t have to stop at just that. Workers can bring in the weekend with mini virtual celebrations such as ‘happy hours’ or the ‘stump the bartender game’. This is where you list three creative ingredients that participants must add to create unique cocktails.


5 – Guess The …


Guess the … has been a popular game for years – and has seen a reboot this year within online Zoom quizzes. It is really fun for workers to guess random things about their peers – especially on topics they never discuss.

Popular titles can include guessing the fridge, artist, Christmas tree, or even tea colour (which is actually very topical)!

Steamed Egg’s ‘Where on Earth’ themed challenge can take this game to the next level where workers can team together to work out exactly where it is they have been ‘pinned’, or ‘landed’ on a map.


6 – Meal Kits


Finally, meal kits are a fun way to encourage colleagues to pursue wider interests like cooking, as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle. This could even include add-ons from chefs who teach you how to make it via Zoom, or the team just getting together and following a set of instructions communally.

This is not only a fun way to engage workers, and can be themed to a certain cuisine or country each time, but also helps to support the UK’s hospitality business in such times of uncertainty.

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