• Send out care packages
  • Choose a fun theme
  • Give out company awards

This past year has been a roller coaster to say the least. Teams all over the world have been thrust into remote working with little or no warning or preparation.

Chances are your team has been working exceedingly hard, having to overcome huge hurdles and challenges this past year. You may be starting to consider how you can reward the dedication and hard work you’ve seen from your team in an exciting, fun, but safe way. Here are some of our favourite ideas for how to have an amazing remote summer party.


1. Virtual Team Building Games Night


One of the most engaging and exciting choices for a virtual summer party is a virtual team building games night.




At Steamed Egg, we specialise in creating memorable and enjoyable evenings for remote teams. There are plenty of hilarious games to choose from that will get your team working together with a little healthy competition.

Our events can be customised, teams able to choose which games they want to play and how long for. This puts you in control of exactly how your virtual games night will look. For a relaxed night of guaranteed giggled, a virtual team building games night with Steamed Egg is the only way to go.


2. Send Out Care Packages


Sending out individual care packages to your team can be a great way to make the night more special, and shows your team how much you value their hard work. What your care packages look like is completely up to you. There are companies who will design and deliver basic care packages, but why not make it more personal by creating your own?

You might like to include some beverages from your local area, some nice snacks for the evening of the party, or perhaps some company merchandise.

When it comes to sending gifts the sky’s the limit! Just be sure that you’re carefully considering what’s being sent and who you’re sending it to – watching out for allergies and other dietary requirements you team may have. 


3. Pick a Fun Theme


Who doesn’t love a theme? Creating a theme for your summer party can be a great way to make the event feel a little more special.




Some fun ideas for summer themes might be a beach party (send out some signature beachy cocktails to each team member before the party and encourage people to get a little Hawaiian with their dress code) or a 1970’s themed party (dress as your favourite 70’s personality and play Steamed Egg’s 70’s themed ‘Yolking from Home!’). Get as creative as you can with your theme to get everyone in the party spirit.


4. Give Awards


Giving out awards can be a fun way to engage every single member of your team, no matter how serious or silly your awards are. Depending on what you think your team would respond to, you could create a poll and allow them to vote for who they think deserves to win each award.

This idea helps not only to get people engaged and excited about the event, but also makes members of staff feel recognised and appreciated for what they bring to the team through such awards – even the more silly ones can make employees feel more connected to their company! 


5. Virtual Mixology


A staple of most office summer parties, the memorable ones at least, is a drink or two. So why not send your team a set of ingredients for some signature cocktails?

You could choose to work with a company who will provide a service like this, perhaps even one that offers an online mixology class, or go the more DIY route and make your own.




Either way a few cocktails will be well received by your team and will make your night an enjoyable one. Just make sure you have mocktail kits on hand for those team members who prefer their drinks alcohol-free!

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