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 Over the last four months you may have been creating your own virtual team activities in the name of rescuing morale. But as the weeks have gone past you’re probably finding it increasingly difficulty of organizing these events. People are becoming less willing to turn up for quizzes or afterwork drinks hangouts in the name of “fun”. Time to switch it up a gear . . . Enter the UK’s top remote team building companies who have all pivoted in style to keep companies across the country entertained and feeling connected through tough times. The events these online team building companies offer bring a professional dimension to the process. The games offered exceed what most people would be able to achieve themselves. Each company uses experienced hosts, world class virtual production and can cater for dozens of guests at the same time. They all focus on lifting people spirits and building a sense of community among your guests. So here it is, the top 9 remote team-building companies in the UK:

1. Team Tactics

Best for: Anyone who loves “Deal or No Deal” Team Tactics have been through a bumpy ride as have all in the “In-Person” team building industry, Steamed Egg included. However, Tina, Shelby and the team have rapidly pivoted and come out the other side with an instant classic event called Seal the Deal. This high suspense game is based on a famous TV show that has an easy going “What’s in the box” format and caters for up to 20 guests in one session. Pricing: £15pp Seal the Deal

2. Make happy

Best for: Those having a bit of trouble with their team’s dynamic, in need of  professional help. If you have a real issue with the way your remote team is communicating then you need to get to the bottom of how to work better. Make happy could be what you’re looking for. They provide scientific analysis of each team member using an innovation profile model: “The Basadur Team Profile”. This reveals the type of working style each person prefers. That in turn will help both your leaders and team members to understand each other better in the future. Pricing: £??

Team Scientific Analysis

3. Bright Vision

Best for: Escape room specialists Bright Vision are a leading corporate events and team building production company in the UK. They have adapted their offering to some awesome online services including a Virtual Escape Room – one that is set during the 1930’s prohibition era in Chicago. Pricing: Enquire for rates  The Escape Room

4. The Big Smoke

Best for: Startups and friends looking for affordable lock down lols Besides having some of the best marketing in the industry, Big smoke have adapted their London based city scavenger hunt to a remote version. Perfect for those who want to get out and about this summer but still want to stay safe by socially distancing. With this bargain price tag you should seriously consider this if your team is up for getting active! Pricing: From £7pp

5. Wild Goose

Best for: The treasure hunters Wild Goose offers a huge range of virtual services. Some of the most popular packages they provide include remote treasure hunts. Nobody with an ounce of fun in their bones doesn’t love a good ‘ol treasure hunt. . . even if it’s online. They also have a space race game where you’ll complete a range of tasks to rescue your team on a trouble stricken spaceship and work out how to get back to earth safely. Pricing: £250 Hosting + £12pp

6. Blue Hat Team Building

Best for: Those who need entertaining by a safe pair of hands. Ben and the Blue Hat innovators have a selection of online challenges that are accessible by their app and include the “Great British Virtual Pub Quiz” and a Virtual Escape Room. Blue Hat are long standing pioneers in the team building industry and if their physical events are anything to go by (Check this insane bible puzzler from their confex stand) then you’re in for a virtual treat! Pricing: Enquire for rates.

Virtual Escape Room

7. Zing

Best for: The creative types. The dynamic team at Zing have created “The Big Picture”. The event is all about letting your artistic juices flow while working together remotely on a giant piece of art. Players need to communicate what they are doing so that the scale and alignment of artwork is correct. Players then photograph the art and assemble it back together online. Zing have been in the team building industry for years and you can be sure they’ll get the buzz going in your team, while producing something truly unique for you all to remember. Pricing: Enquire at Zing’s website

  female co-worker

8. Quiz Coconut

Best for: Trivia lovers who are missing pub quiz life. It’s clear just from their website just how passionate James (MD) is about pub quizzes. Previously residing in the watering holes of London, they have taken their event online. This event is perfect for about 50 people, and at £250 a group this is a super affordable option for those who love to be tested but are sick of coming up with their own quizzes!! An absolute steal and based on the feedback on the site, a rocking time to be had by all. Pricing: Free Trial or £5pp


In 2020 spending quality time together as a team is more essential than ever. By quality I don’t mean passively sitting there writing answers to questions nobody cares about. I mean full on interactive face time that helps people feel closer to each other. Keeping your team in high spirits will mean they are able to look after each other better and be more supportive of their families and colleagues. Many studies also show people are more motivated and productive at work when they have fun with their colleagues. If you have the budget, I’d recommend you try all of these simply because you’d see a measurable improvement on people’s morale and sense of engagement with your company.

Bonus Idea – “Toasty” Video Chat.

Did you know there is a FREE video conference tool called Toasty which has games built into the platform? This video service differentiates itself as being built specifically for moderators and workshop hosts. They have games inbuilt like “Who Said That” a fast-paced guessing activity to enhance understanding of one another built in out the box. Download Toasty here 

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