With much of the working world now having operated remotely for the past year, many in new roles may still have never actually met their team!

Onboarding can be a turbulent time for any new employee, never mind when adding the challenges of conducting this remotely. With restricted access (if any) to in-person collaboration, and meeting new colleagues being almost entirely e-meets, it can be difficult for new employees to feel part of their company’s team culture.

To help minimise such isolating effects, and to get new employees engaged with their teams, here is a list of some great ways for remote staff to get to know each other.


Take Time Getting to Know Your Team


Getting to know your colleagues and understanding what makes them tick can be incredibly important, not just in the very fact of building connections throughout your virtual workplace and feeling a greater sense of engagement with the company, but also in helping you to further excel in the company.



By understanding your team members better, you not only help to expand your social circle, but can also utilise this understanding of peoples’ motivations to further your work, selecting specific people to help with certain projects that you know are right up their alley, and will likely bring more passion and energy to.


Make the Most Of Virtual Chat Tools


Collaboration and chat hubs are great to help streamline the way teams work together, however, they can also be a great place for staff to connect and socialise.

When setting up a personal chat where people can talk freely about updates in their lives, give their opinions on current topics and share pictures of their cute dog, it can help staff get to know each other on a more personal level.


Work On Remote Challenges Together Outside of Work


Having a challenging activity to work towards outside of work can also help remote working teams to connect more.

For example, setting a fitness challenge not only helps to bring about some fun competition, but can also promote your team’s health and wellbeing – two things very much valued, particularly throughout the past year amidst a global health crisis.




Challenging colleagues on who can walk the most steps during the week, taking virtual hikes together or competing with each other on Strava can all be fantastic ways to bring about a sense of healthy competition to your team, all while helping you get to know each other outside of the office.


Plan Virtual Events


Another great way for remote team members to connect is to organise virtual company events; helping encourage employees to socialise with each other and connect outside of company tasks and projects.


Gameshow virtual team event


Steamed Egg offers a range of engaging, entertaining virtual team building activities – perfect for remote company events. There are six games to choose from, including:

  • This Time It’s Personal
  • Leonardo Da Virtual
  • Are You Pulling My Leg
  • The Race Of Knowledge
  • So On Trend Hun
  • Where On Earth

Each of the games encourage teams to work together, plan their approach, and get to know more about one another along the way.

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