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  • Virtual events can help create a sense of community whilst remote working
  • They are a way to motivate staff and improve team morale
  • Events keep staff engaged and connected, improving staff retention

While remote working offers with it some fantastic benefits, it can also bring about some challenges too – typically around isolation and a loss of motivation.

Here, we explore how virtual team building events can help, and why our Yolking From Home is a must for remote teams.


Team Mentality


When working remotely it is often difficult to see the bigger picture. Our worlds become very insular. We are focused on our individual workload and juggling our personal challenges of working from home, whatever those might be.



Launching a virtual event for your team can help people adopt more of a team mentality. It instils the need to work towards a common goal and thus people switch from a “me” to a “we” way of thinking. This is crucial for an efficient work force as it allows for team-work, collaboration and cooperation.


Boost Morale


Stress, loneliness and anxiety have been shown to be exacerbated when working from home. For many, the office acted as a social hub where they were able to see people and interact every day of the week. When this is taken away, it gives rise to loneliness for many employees. In fact, a Forbes report from 2020 indicated that 42% of employees suffered from increased stress levels since working from home.

Thus, launching a virtual event is an easy way of bringing back that social element. It gives employees something to look forward to, and is a way of boosting team morale.


Communication and Engagement


Good communication is at the root of a successful workforce. However, communication when working remotely can be challenging. When doing a virtual event, there is no choice not to communicate effectively. Subsequently, it is a subtle way of making your team harness their communication skills and make staff more engaged.


Cross-Department Friendships


When the offices were first closed, many reported missing their “c-list friends”: the ones that you bump into at the office and chat about your weekend but with whom you would never text to see how they are.




There is a lot of value to these seemingly peripheral friendships. The office facilitates people from different departments to meet and form relationships. This is crucial for expanding both personal and professional networks and allows for new collaborations to be established.

Launching a virtual event is a good way of allowing for these relationships to form, and can potentially give the opportunity for professional collaborations to be formed across different departments.


Align Team Members


It can be difficult to transmit your company culture and company values when your workforce is separated across multiple households in multiple locations. For this reason, hosting virtual events are a way of aligning your team members and making sure that they are all on the same page.

Virtual team events are a way of getting all team members in one place at one time and establishing clear team goals. Having this shared vision is a great way of reminding team members about the company mission and helping them all have the same direction.


Validation and Acknowledgement


When working remotely, employee work can be easily overlooked or taken as a given. Consequently, extra efforts need to be made to acknowledge the work of your team and value their contributions. Virtual events are a great way to do this as it is carving out time to make sure that all team members are being acknowledged and recognised.

Fun virtual activities act as a reward for the hard work both at an individual level and collectively as a team. They are a great way to close a big project or other important goal as it is celebrating the good work that has been done.


Motivating Your Team


Hosting virtual events can be highly motivating for team members. Not only does it give them something to look forward to, it also acts as a reminder that you as an employer give value to them, both personally and professionally.




Knowing that your employer cares about you is a key incentive for turning up to work every day and performing at a high level. Remote team events will get your team feeling energised and ready to return to work.


Retain Staff


There is nothing worse than feeling disconnected at work. In fact, before the pandemic, 1 in 4 employees cited feeling disconnected as their main reason for leaving a company.

Over half of employees surveyed credited a strong sense of community (for example, team events, celebrating landmarks) as a key reason for staying with a company. Virtual events are a great way to get employees feeling connected and instilling the sense of belonging and community. This, in turn, will make employees more likely to stay with the company.

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