Questions are Great

but only if you know the answers….

General Questions

Where do Steamed Egg events take place?

Usually we come to our customers, wherever you may be in the UK or Ireland. Whether that’s your offices or your off-site event. If you’re using an external venue we’ll work directly with them on logistics to make the experience hassle free for you. If you need a venue, talk to us as we may have some ideas for you.

Can you help me find a venue for my VR Event?

Absolutely. If you’re in London and want to get out of the office, we’ve got a collection of great spaces we’ve host events at. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll help you arrange a space!

What will I do in the VR Headsets?

An epic selection of VR games and experiences are the foundation of our events at Steamed Egg. Whether you want to collaborate or blow off some steam and have a laugh. You can find our most popular games here. Some themes you may want to discuss with us are high energy, funny, collaborative, creative, constructive, fast paced, sporty.

Which Virtual Reality Headsets do Steamed Egg Use?

We have a selection of the best VR headsets available today. From the HTC Vive Pro, the Oculus Rift & Rift S and the amazing Oculus Quest. We’re device agnostic which means you’ll get to try a selection of the latest and greatest devices in the Virtual reality industry.

What's the benefit of having a VR at my event?

Where do we start? If you want to create an unforgettable experience that is guaranteed to get everyone laughing at something they’ve never tried before, VR should be at the top of your list. It’s incredibly easy to organise you just need a space.

You’ll find the mood in your team is lifted with energy, laughter and warmth as VR brings back the joy of being a kid, playing with new toys and discovering a whole new world of experience.

VR is set to become a major new technology medium this decade. Exposing your team to the tech now will breed familiarity and allow you team to capitalise on opportunities at the right time for your business.

Do we need TVs? Who will arrange them?

Yes please. You’ll ideally need one TV per VR Station you book. If that’s a struggle we can make do with one TV per two VR stations you book. Each TV should ideally be 50 inches or larger. In this case, bigger is better; It’s like the big flashing flashing lights at a casino that pull you in.

What's a VR station?

One Steamed Egg VR station contains:

• A VR Headset
• A high powered VR Laptop to run it.
• One Member of Staff from the Steam team
• Licenced VR Software
• Full event training and safety briefing
• Up to 3 hours of gameplay
• Carbon Off-Setting – One Tree Planted Per VR Station.

Will I feel dizzy or sick playing VR?

This is almost never an issue at our events. Out of the thousands, of people who’ve tried our experiences no one had any significant issues and only a handful ever feel sick after a games like the skiing which quickly subsides.

For those susceptible to motion sickness we recommend games like Fruitninja or Walk the plank which involves no fast motion. Many of our games are based on standing still so there’s no motion sickness triggers there.

We’d like to reiterate this is very rare but please talk to us if you are concerned about anyone in particular and we can make special accommodations during their event.

Will we be able to use the headsets with glasses?

Yes, most of the headsets we use have a wide enough view finder to allow glasses to slip in. For those of you who have weaker prescriptions taking their glasses off is also an option as that has little impact on their visual experience in the headset.

How long do Steamed Egg need for setup and Tear Down?

Usually an hour before your event starts and 30 mins after the event is done. We can do this faster if absolutely necessary.

Can Steamed Egg setup while we are in the room?

Ideally you have left us with a space for the duration of the setup. It’s far less intrusive for you and simpler for us to get the room and equipment all setup to our standards in the time we have. If there is absolutely no alternative we can set up in the room while you are using it so long as there is enough space and you don’t plan for us to be using the exact places where people may be seated or working.

How much space do you need for VR?

Each VR station you book will about the size of a double bed (2x2m). Ideally a TV would be situated behind it and then the players around you stand/ sit in an auditorium fashion. Often for larger groups the space for the people to watch is a larger space consideration.

A Large meeting / conference room is our typical stomping ground.

Can I eat food during my event?

Of course! Stuff your face. We’ll just ask you just to wipe your hands before each of your turns to not get the controller greasy.

Can I drink alcohol during my event?

We’re happy for you to drink a little bit at your event but so long as you and your guests know that you do so at your own risk. Admittedly the risk is very little should you act sensibly! We reserve the right to decline people a turn should we deem them a danger to themselves or an interruption to the event.

Corporate Events

How do I know how many stations I need?

For corporate events we’ll recommend a number of stations for you based on time. We usually say it’s 5 mins per guest per turn. That means you’ll get 11-12 guests per station, per hour.

Most of our corporate event partners have aimed to cover about 20% of their guests. So if you had 1000 guests and 4 hours you’d need just 4 or 5 Stations to cover 200 guests. Give us a call and we can work out the number you’ll need for your event. Ultimately it will greatly depend on what else is going on at the venue, your budgets, and what level of coverage you’d like to provide for your audience.


How do Steamed Egg's VR Team building prices work?

We base our fees on the number of VR stations you have at your event.

Each Station is priced at £495 + VAT for up to 3 hours inside the M25. We charge £0.65/station/mile for travel outside london. One “Station” contains: A VR Headset, a VR Ready Laptop to power it and all accessories. Each VR station can host a max of 12 guests at a time. Teams rotate around stations facing different competitors each round.

We’d suggest 10 per station usually for the best ratio. Eg. for 80 guests you’d need 8 Stations which is £2870+VAT or £35.87+ VAT /head.

Are there any other costs?

The only other costs are travel if you are outside the M25. Charged at 65p per station per mile. Sometimes less for larger events.

How can I pay for my events?

We prefer direct bank transfer or BACS (on your invoice). We also accept card payments and payments over the phone.


What does Steamed Egg do to keep me and my guests safe?

We have trained all our VR attendants on the best practices in VR safety.

They understand safety comes before fun. Fortunately, VR is incredibly safe and so long as we are keeping everyone well back, everyone should have a great time. We conduct regular risk assessments on ourselves and look for all hazards to your guests during the setup process and the entire duration of your event.

We give an in depth safety briefing at the start of each VR event so that guests know what to do and what NOT to do during their turns to stay safe. We are up militant about keeping all guests well back from VR play areas so no one accidentally gets whacked.

We have a health and safety kit in our bags at all times.

How safe is VR?

In short, pretty darn safe. We make sure that all guests follow a few key ground rules.

  1. No touching of anyone in VR (or outside please)
  2. No getting close to anyone In VR, especially if they are playing games where they must move.
  3. No running at any time with a VR headset on.
  4. No using VR without an attendant there.

Does Steamed Egg have any insurance?

We have public liability insurance with Hiscox up to £2million in damages.

Risk Assessment here, Public Liability here.

Team Building

How does this all work? What's the format?

Our Classic #TeamedEgg events are set up as a group competition. Teams go head to head with each other over a series of our favorite VR experiences.

We will usually play 5 VR games (depending on your time availability) over the course of 2-3 hours (We adapt to your agenda, all the same price). There are typically 5-12 guests per team depending on your group and the number of stations we book.

What does everyone do when they are not in a VR headset?

Like bowling, the current economics of VR means not everyone can have a headset on. So we’ve come up with a few tricks and ways for everyone to keep everyone captivated throughout your event:

  • Team’s get bonus points for being the most supportive team for their own players.
  • Dishing out the best banter at their opponents.
  • Capturing the most classic photo or Video of the day.

On top of that, VR has tremendous novelty value. It’s so new to people that they are enthralled by the action of their colleagues throughout the entire event.

We’ve never had people complain about being bored, quite the opposite many guests tell us that they have just as much fun watching their colleagues take on our hilarious challenges, as they do having their own go.

Whats the format of the event? Is it a competition between the groups?

We will build a package that best suits your team. From silly, up tempo and energetic, to collaborative and brain powered. Always funny and always delivered with Steamed Egg’s flavour.

Once we’ve spoke about what you’re looking to do with your event we’ll build a package that’s going to hit your brief on the head.

How is VR Team building collaborative?

While only one person out of 6 or 12 (depending on your event package) is working inside the headset at a time, many of our games require input and support from the players outside the headset in order to successfully beat the opposition.

Some examples are teams giving instructions to find famous landmarks on earth in the “Egg and Space Race”. Or perhaps get your thinking in sync with the 3D VR Pictionary.

There’s also more direct collaboration in games like Diner Duo and Keep Talking and Nobody explodes which give the best service in our Virtual Diner or becoming a bomb squad and diffusing your challenge by working together in Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

What do we need to organise for team building?

We run our events as a fully hosted service so almost everything is taken care of for you. We just need a few things.

  1. Space to play,
  2. Electrical Power
  3. Minimum of 10Mbps Wifi (Although not essential as we have 4G)
  4. A TV per VR station.
  5. Players – You can share the team sheet with us the week before.

How long is a Streamed Egg event? Can it be flexible?

You’re booking is for up to 3 hours of game time. We can be flexible down to 1.5 hours and if you do want us to host your event for longer we can build a quote for you for as long as you need up to a full day of entertainment.

Off site bookings tend to be 2 hours while quarterly socials at offices tend to be 3 hours. We need about an hour prior to your event to set up.

How many turns will people have?

Most people will play 2 / 3 out of the 5 rounds we have in our typical VR competitions. Usually each turn is 5 minutes meaning players have a solid 15 mins of VR time across the course of an average competition.

What if people drop out or want to join on the day?

It’s not a problem! We know that tired and busy people can be well up for socialising until they come to the end of a long week or have other commitments. The way we format our events and pricing means we’re flexible – you book for a number of VR stations and if a few extra or less join then it makes no difference. The only change is that a few teams will have more VR time.

How should I organise the teams?

We’ll work out how many players you should have in each team based on your total number of guests and the number of stations you book. We’ll run through this with you on your onboarding call. On the lead up to the event we’ll ask you to share a spreadsheet with all players split by team in each column.

Will we be sitting or standing down?

Some guests like to stand. Some like to sit. This will partly depend on your venue, event format and what you’ve been doing all day. We can also decide on the day.

What should I be worried about?

As an event planner, you probably have to worry about a lot of things in life. We try to make working with us one that you don’t have to be concerned about. We’re obsessed with health and safety before fun and have done this hundreds of times for top brands. Just make sure you’re team are all present and correct at the right time and we are set for an unforgettable time!

Wellness & Meditation

How will my VR event be formatted?

Your team competes across 4-6 VR games that are high energy, competitive, hilarious and some are collaborative. The event is run as a leaderboard competition with prizes and bragging rights for the winning team.