A virtual team building case study with Reachdesk

How an international start-up helped their team get to know each other better during their virtual sales kickoff.

Reachdesk hybrid team building

The challenge:

A rapidly growing, international sales team find it hard to build relationships remotely.

Alex Olley, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer

Reachdesk’s brief for Steamed Egg

The senior leadership team at Reachdesk we’re planning their bi-annual virtual sales kick off for Summer 2021.

Part of their brief was helping employees to get to know their remote teammates across the four countries they operate in.

We entered the pandemic with 10 people and now we’re over 100. We needed something that was going to help us bond as a team and support us through our growth so we can have really healthy culture.”

– Alex Olley, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer.

The package we created for Reachdesk

+2 Virtual team games

+1 Hrs 15 minutes Of remote team bonding

+50 Happy guests

In Are You Pulling My Leg? players recite a funny story, true or false, to their opponents who have to interrogate them and work out if the are being honest or trying to fool them. In the process Reachdesk players discover some hilarious stories about each other’s pasts which has a powerful impact on rapport and relationship building.


The Race of knowledge is a fast paced game and we thought it would be the perfect way for the competitive sales team at Reachdesk to end their event with some high energy action.

How did we do?

“It allowed us to learn more about people that we didn’t know and got to do it in a fun environment.  We saw immediate results for people being able to collaborate a lot better together after. It’s really helped us Gel. Team building is so important in general but to be able to do it remotely was gold.”

– Alex Olley, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer.

Reachdesks founding team celebrating their recent $43 million round of fundraising.