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16/04/2021 - Edition 1 - The Transition to Hybrid Work

Welcome to our first ever newsletter. You’re receiving this because at some point in the last three years you signed up to hear from Steamed Egg about ideas to nurture your team’s culture.
From here on, we’re committed to sharing useful ideas with you around creating more fun and unity in your team. 
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The Transition to Hybrid
Right now you’re probably navigating one of the most significant changes in your career: the transition into the hybrid workforce.
During the next six months, if we want to hold onto our best people, we need to keep our tribes feeling as tight knit and as strong as we can. 
That’s going to take renewed efforts from leaders. Being a leader doesn’t mean you’re necessarily the senior manager.
 It means you take the lead on bringing people together and contributing to the social fabric of your team. Tribes and teams are built on communication and relationships between the o leader and the followers (e.g 1:1’s) and follower to follower (e.g slack/team socialising).
If the fundamental beliefs of your tribe are strong enough, and the communication is healthy enough, then you could be setting yourself up to thrive through the transition.
Hybrid Work Space - Spatial XR.jpg
Is this the future workplace? – Credit: Spatial 
Questions for you to consider:
  1. Have you been talking about your purpose & shared beliefs enough recently? (Check out Richard Brandson’s Start with why
  2. Has your team been spending time on their relationships?
  3. Are you seeking frank feedback on what your people are worried about over the next phase of work?
Ideas you could try:
  1. Relaunch your team’s mission, purpose, values or beliefs.  
  2. Lay out a compelling vision for the next year or two. Giving people new things to think about that move the company towards your exciting mission.
  3. Reflect together – think through what lessons you can take forward so that this year of struggle hasn’t been wasted.
  4. Book a few activities and outings for people to look forward to: E.g. A small pub meetup or a new hybrid team social activity. 
I hope these ideas help to keep your team in peak condition through the changes we’re all facing.
Good luck!
Jason & the Steam Egg Team. 
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