Ready to plan your virtual team building event?

This page explains everything you need to know to setup your Steamed Egg virtual team building experience.

We made a 3 minute video to explain this page to start you off . . .

Your five step event journey:

  • 1. Find an event time and number of guests. (< 20 mins)
  • 2. The Booking Confirmation & Payment. (< 15 mins)
  • 3. Confirm your Games and picking your teams. ( < 30 mins)
  • 4. Get your guests ready and excited. (< 30 mins)
  • 5. Play! ( As booked)

The event setup process should take no more than two hours of your time in total.

Step 1. Find an event time and number of guests.

Before we can book your event, you’ll need to know when it’s going to happen and roughly how many guests are going to attend.
  • To find a time, our customers often use a tools such as:
  • We recommend creating a free Doodle poll where they can select from multiple times.
  • Or send multiple calendar invites : you could send a few times to the team, each with a title like “Virtual Team Event OPTION ONE, Please Say yes or no for your availability”
  • βœ”οΈ Once you have an idea of which date you’d like to play, please speak to your sales person to confirm availability and the final cost of your event.
  • Email letting us know your date and that you are ready to book.

Tips to get a good turnout:

  • Use bright images and video to promote your event and to catch people’s attention. You are welcome to use some of our collateral to get your team bought in and excited! Content for your guests: Yolking From Home
  • Try to get senior leaders to come along as this will really help with awareness and interest!

Step 2. The Booking Confirmation & Payment.

To confirm your booking we need...

  • Your Billing address
  • πŸ“… Event Date
  • ⏱ Start and Finish Time – Do you have a hard stop time ?
  • The number of events you are booking. (e.g 1, 2, 3)
  • Number of games you are playing? (You’ll confirm the games later.)
  • Approximate number of guests
  • Are you taking any extras ? Video / Hampers / Memorabilia mugs.
  • πŸ’³ Paying by bank transfer or credit card? ( business cards have a 2.5% charge)
Enter the information in this short Typeform

N.B: We don’t need your game choices at this stage as we know you may want to deliberate on these with your team. Send those with your guest list in step 3.

What happens next:

  • We’ll send you an invoice so you can pay and secure your booking. If you have chosen to pay by card, we will send you a link to pay.
  • We will add a place holder in your calendar as the organiser (not your team’s yet)
  • Choose your games and teams (Step 3 below).

Step 3a. Choose your games and teams.

Divide your players by an even number of teams.
Download the Team Sheet
Get familiar with our Yolking From Home games.
Watch Our Game Trailers

Step 3b. Send us back your choices.

Upload your game choices and teams in this type form.

What happens next:

  • We will send you and your team a calendar invite to the event.
    • On the event day there will be a zoom link in the invite. Please do not worry if you don’t see the zoom link initially.
  • We send you a final confirmation of all the information about your event.
  • You will still have a chance to edit the guest sheet when we share it with you. We need to know final numbers for your event by a week before.
  • We send your team a few emails to get them prepped and exited!

Step 4. Get your guests ready and excited

From this point your main responsibilities are:

  • Guests should know to expect an email from address.
  • If you have chosen **This *Time It’s Personal*** or ***Are You Pulling My Leg?*** please let everyone know they need to fill out the questionnaire linked in the first email we send them.
  • The players will receive their teams via the first email we send them. They should wear an item of clothing in their team colour. This looks and feels like great fun on the day and makes it clear who’s in each team.
  • You can get people excited by using some of our media and collateral here – Content for your guests: Yolking From Home
  • Try to get senior leaders to come along! This will help with turnout and engagement will go up when this happens.
  • Support your team with IT, specifically making sure your company systems are compatible with the video tools we use, and that people have Zoom desktop application installed on their laptop.
  • Give people permission to get out of work mode. Let your team know this is fun time. Not work time! They should make space for the event in their day and mind. Turn off email, grab a drink and sit somewhere that’s not where they work. Get the most senior person involved to echo this message – it will help people relax.

Step 5. Game day!

  • On the day, your team will be sent the zoom link as a reminder.
  • Please click and join. You’ll be greeted by our hosts. If we are using breakout rooms they will explain how to do this on the call.
  • If there’s a problem you can call via the number listed on our website header.