Challenge in the Kitchen

Many leaders advocate moving their conferences out of the office to” to change the situation” when it’s time to switch up their thinking. That’s precisely what Juan Diego Farah planned with his department in October 2019 to review their approach for the year to come.

They moved their team of 55 to a hotel in Camden to pack their brains with strategy and unleash the team’s creative thinking and define priorities.

Jaun, and Katie and created a comprehensive agenda that included brainstorming, Q&As and some delicious lunch – they are Deliveroo afterall. The intense thinking was to conclude at 3pm and they wanted an activity for their team.

The options for team building in Euston are limited on top of the logistical stress of moving the team of 50 around town.

There’s an inherent risk of some people going astray and leaving once they break the energy day. Plus they had already paid for the suite!!

Katy needed . . .

  • An activity that who could come and entertain them in their large, (expensive) conference room they had already paid for at The Wesley Euston Hotel
  • A tech / future focused activity that fit their culture and philosophy of innovation.
  • Something that would hold the team’s attention after a long day of planning and absorbing information.
  • A lot of flexibility, on the setup and also in case of dropouts. As is common at an off-site, they only had one room which meant we had to set up around their schedule. We planned to do the bulk of the work during the team’s lunch break. They resumed their session for another hour and then we had a final 15 minutes to get things in order for the team to come back and blow off some steam in their virtual reality team building session.
  • An event so fantastic that it would bring everyone together at the end of their off-site and cement the day as a success.

The event Steamed Egg served up

After a long session of thinking there’s wasn’t too much room for more brain power. Katy and the Steam team created an event that was uncomplicated and would exhilarate everyone in a way that made the whole day more memorable.

Our classic #TeamedEgg virtual reality experience consists of 5 of our favorites. The games get the blood pumping, have people interacting and working together and are just outright hilarious.

Teas of five rotated either clockwise or anticlockwise around or pop up VR arena. They came face to face against different opponents each round. After 20 minutes they would either be victorious or hand their heads in shame and more to the next station to try their luck on a different VR experience. This head-to-head format keeps the competition and players interest peaked throughout the event.

One of the best activities I have ever booked for my team! I booked Steamed Egg as a fun activity as part of an offsite I was organising. Our offsite attendees were a diverse group and I wanted to make sure that everyone (all ages and positions) would enjoy this activity. Steamed Egg were extremely professional and very accommodating to our needs. They confirmed everything with me a few times prior to the event to ensure everything was covered and all needs were considered. They arrived on time and set up was done accordingly to our arrangement without any issues. Honestly this was one of the BEST things I have booked.

Every single team member absolutely LOVED this experience as there was something for everyone. After the event I received multiple compliments from my team for booking Steamed Egg and could not stop telling me how much they enjoyed themselves. If you are planning an event (corporate or just for fun) then I would 100% recommend booking Steamed Egg, you will not be disappointed!”

Katy Najipour

Executive Assistant – Deliveroo

What We Learned

As much as we’d like events to fit an ideal setup plan, sometimes you just have to be flexible. Going into the event space, setting up in a rush and then leaving. To then come back in and finish, was not ideal but that’s what Katie needed! So that’s what had to happen.

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