At the end of most quarters, Marco Santa Maria puts on a team-building activity for his inside Sales team at Varonis UK.

How great and expensive the event depends on how much the team have smashed it over the last few months!

In the past, they’ve visited a virtual reality arcade which the team enjoyed, but they weren’t allowed to be in the same room together. Marco felt that took away from the camaraderie he thinks is essential to create at these events.

The team had had a strong Q2, so Marco asked Steamed Egg to create an extended session. He wanted an activity that would allow everyone to be in the same space to spend quality together to boost their morale in the face of an even bigger quarter ahead.

What We Cooked Up

We proposed to split the session into two parts of about 2.5 hours apiece.

Part One – The first 2 hours would be a relaxation and learning experience. The team would use calmer VR games to escape the stresses of sales life and also have some time to get to grips with this brand new technology so they could talk about it with their prospects.

This session included a relaxation escape for 10 minutes using Blortasisa and also an environmental tour of the earth using Google Earth. Marcos American roots also slipped into the plan, and the team played some basketball – the point here counted to the leaderboard in the second half of the experience.

Part Two – The main event was the team competition. In this part of the session, two teams went head to head across two of our absolute favourite ever VR experiences: Richie’s Plank Experience and Audio Shield.

Each player got a chance to make to the end of the plank and then picked their favourite tunes from our duke box to have it out on the dancefloor (Their office breakout area).

I booked the Steamed Egg virtual reality team building session as a reward for my sale’s team’s hard work over the last few months. We wanted to do something original and entertaining while enjoying each other’s company and building on our strong team dynamic.

Jason helped me pick the right content to match our team – the environmental Google Earth VR tour combined with the three competitive experiences hit the nail on the head. The event was fantastic and if anything, too much fun! I spent the following Monday trying to get them back to their sales jobs, they would not stop talking about their VR experience.

Overall, it was a super simple way to boost the team’s energy as we go into the busiest time of year and create some classic memories for us in the process.”

Marco Santa Maria

Inside Sales Manager – Varonis

What We Learned

  • Hoops VR is a fantastic VR game for sports loving teams
  • Google Earth is epic but it needs a competitive element to really hook everyone else into it – We created the much loved “Egg N’ Space” race off the back of this event!
  • Our leaderboard was too small so since this we’ve been using a way bigger leaderboard (it was our early days). Either on a white board or a digital version.
  • We needed our own speaker system to build on the atmosphere. In 2020 music is a cornerstone feature to enhance the atmosphere at every steamed egg event.
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