Toyota’s #TeamedEgg VR Competition

Ronnie, was tasked with finding something new and original for her team for their recent off site conference taking place at Epsom Downs Racecourse. She asked us to come and host their 115 person team building to close out their annual off site conference at Epsom Race course.

Ronnie had a few criteria she needed us to meet:

  • The experience would need to fit a 2-hour slot in their agenda. After their strategy meeting and before their drinks at the end of the day.
  • An activity that would entertain everyone in her 115 person team for both young and old, male and female alike.
  • It had to come to their location and be setup and be ready to go so the team could simply change rooms seamlessly.
  • Enable people to interact, many of whom had spent little to no time together before the day. She wanted people to get to know each other better, and create a buzz that would keep them energised during and after their experience.

What We Cooked Up

This event was a special moment in our history. Not least because it was the most significant event, we’d done at that point and quite possibly the largest VR event of its type ever in the UK!

10 teams rotated around our VR arcade installations at Epsom. Each round going head to head against each other, fiercely battling it out for the coveted 1st place and eternal bragging rights.

For this, we pulled out some of our all-time favourite VR experiences. Games included testing players nerve in Richie’s Plank Experience. Working together in a race from space to the most famous landmarks on the planet and seeing which team are on the same wavelength in the hilarious, collaborative VR Pictionary.

My Division of 115 people had a thoroughly brilliant time with Steamed egg.

We’re a large group and it is hard to keep everyone happy – but this hit the spot! Even when you’re watching you’re enjoying the very comical efforts of those in your team in a headset.

The day ran smoothly and it was great to see the team working with colleagues that they’d only met that morning. Would thoroughly recommend!”

Ronnie Giles

EA, Customer Services Division, Toyota

This event pushed our organisational and hosting skills to our limits. First and foremost ensuring the safety of 115 guests in VR was paramount. Then we focused on how we were going to create a sense of heated competition in a massive room with 115 guests.

Pulling all our experience from the previous years together, we were able to bring our magic recipe of hilarity, tense head to head action, and a large dollop of British mickey taking.

We won’t forget this one event in a rush. Thank you Ronnie and Toyota you were great!”

Eden - SteamedEgg

Eden Buckly

Head of Event Recipes at Steamed Egg

What We Learned

  • Next time, hire a bloody minivan! We rarely leave London but when we do it’s usually by train. For an event this size it was a nightmare with all that kit!
  • 115 excitable guests make a whopping great load of noise. Amazing for atmosphere, not so great for our poor bluetooth speaker and mic. Usually able to get the party going, it really didn’t stand up to an event this size. We don’t like to shout at our guests so a mic upgrade is definitely in order.
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