"Yolking From Home!" has six virtual team building games to choose from.

A 5 minute showcase of all the
games in one video.

A Yolking from Home! event typically has 2-3 different games which take 75 mins and 110 mins respectively.

You can choose which games you think your team will enjoy most by taking a look at the individual games trailers below or try them out for yourself by booking a demo.

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1 ) The collaborative quiz where we test how well you know the players in the other team.
Before the show we ask players open ended questions where they give funny and creative answers. On game day, teams guess who in the opposing team gave the answers.

Best for: Teams who know a little bit about each other already and want to test their knowledge.

Prep required* – Guests to complete a shot questionnaire before the event

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2) A test of your communication skills and artistic flare.
Your ‘Artist’ must accurately replicate a funny photo from your team’s instructions. Points are given for capturing the main objects in the right place, the finer details of the image and the team’s communication.

Best for: Making people laugh and getting them talking.

No prep required from guests.

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3) Tell the truth or make it up, to become victorious.
Players recite a personal story to the opposing team. It could be true or false. The opposition interrogates to try and work out which it is. The storyteller’s job is to fool their opponents.

Best for: This one is great for learning fun new things about each other and getting to know people better.

Prep required* – Guests to complete a short questionnaire before the event

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4) A Race through Wikipedia that tests players logic, trivia knowledge and quick decision-making.
Teams must work together to navigate from a random wikipedia article to a destination wikipedia page the host gives them. A bit like word association with wikipedia. High suspense and fast paced race action against the clock!

Best for: Fast paced competitive action for the competitive team.
No prep required from guests.

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5) Have you got your finger on the pulse or society?
Teams are given a key-word and together must out-think their opponents on what the most popular search terms are on Google using the word. This game is about listening to each other, compromise and having a good sense of people’s search habits.

Best for: Relaxed fun, very inclusive.
No prep required from guests.

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6) See how well your team knows our planet
We drop teams in a random location on our planet. Together they use the clues around them to work out where on earth they are, down to the nearest mile. Perfect for team’s who’ve been in one place for months during lockdown. (Trailer)

Best for: International teams and people who like to travel.
No prep required from guests.

Three steps to organise your virtual team building event

1. Explore the games

Watch the game trailers on this page OR book a 30 min demo call with our team.

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2. Get a Quote

Included in your quote you’ll get pricing for your group and our current date availability with videos you can share with your team.

If you have booked a demo with we’ll send you a quote after. If you just want pricing it’s listed lower down on this page.

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3. Confirm your booking & your games

Once you give us the go ahead, we’ll send you an invoice. To lock in your event date you can pay by BACS or card. We’ll then ask you to send us your final game choices and the names of your guests.


How much will your remote team event cost?

Your event pricing is based on two factors.

  1. The number of players that will join the event
  2. How many games you choose to play. (Each games takes about 35 mins).

We can host up to 180 guest at the same time and can run multiple sessions to accommodate larger groups. If you want to fill a full 3-5 hours of virtual fun, long events with 4 & 5 games are also possible.

GuestsThe Side Dish (1 Game)The Classic (2 Games)The Roast Dinner (3 Games)
Up to 15£450£520£590
Up to 23£660£760£865
Up to 30£900£1,040£1,180
Up to 45£1,350£1,560£1,770
Up to 60£1,800£2,090£2,360
Up to 75£2,250£2,600£2,950
Up to 90£2,700£3,120£3,540
Up to 105£2,910£3,365£3,820
Up to 120£3,330£3,845£4,365
Up to 135£3,745£4,325£4,910

Is our virtual event any good?

+7000 happy guests
+250 teams have taken part
+4.9* google review rating

“It’s like being back in the pub together after work. I think it really boosted morale”

Emma Cooper, Senior Marketing Assistant at Smart Pension

Past guests

Past Guests

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