Virtual team building

that strengthens relationships and won’t waste your time.

Virtual team building

that strengthens relationships and won’t waste your time.

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Virtual events aren’t easy…

We know how hard it is to organise new and engaging events for your team in the era of remote work.
The danger is, sub-par virtual events can damage your company culture and wastes your team’s time.
This puts a lot of pressure on you as the organiser to deliver high quality social events every quarter.
It shouldn’t be this difficult!
Let’s make your next online event one that your team will be laughing at for years to come.

Yolking from home! is the name of our virtual team building activity that takes place on a video call. This fully hosted event is themed as a TV game show and uses fun, conversational games which your team won’t have played anywhere else.

There are six games to choose from, that use friendly competition to entertain your guests and encourage maximum participation. The result is a jovial atmosphere where your team can be themselves, learn new things about each other and have a laugh together.

Players leave us with a renewed sense of camaraderie, a vital ingredient for you to create a team that people love to be a part of.

Our virtual games

Each of our six Yolking From Home! Games is very different but all have the common trait of getting the conversation flowing between your guests. As the organiser, you can combine 1,2 or 3 games to create a 45 minute to 2 hours event just suited to what your team will enjoy most.

Is our virtual event any good?

+7000 happy guests
+250 teams have taken part
+4.9* google review rating

“It’s like being back in the pub together after work. I think it really boosted morale”

Emma Cooper, Senior Marketing Assistant at Smart Pension

Past guests

Past Guests

Three steps to organise your virtual team building event

1. Explore the games

You can either watch our game trailers OR book a 30 min demo call with our team.

Explore the gamesBook a Quote

2. Get a Quote

Included in your Quote you’ll get pricing for your group and our current date availability with videos you can share with your team.

If you have booked a demo with we’ll send you a quote after. If you just want pricing it’s listed lower down on this page.

Get a Quote

3. Confirm your booking & your games

Once you give us the go ahead, we’ll send you an invoice. To lock in your event date you can pay by BACS or card. We’ll then ask you to send us your final game choices and the names of your guests.


How much will your remote team event cost?

Your event pricing is based on two factors.

  1. The number of players that will join the event
  2. How many games you choose to play. (Each games takes about 35 mins).

We can host up to 180 guest at the same time and can run multiple sessions to accommodate larger groups. If you want to fill a full 3-5 hours of virtual fun, long events with 4 & 5 games are also possible.

GuestsThe Side Dish (1 Game)The Classic (2 Games)The Roast Dinner (3 Games)
Up to 15£450£520£590
Up to 23£660£760£865
Up to 30£900£1,040£1,180
Up to 45£1,350£1,560£1,770
Up to 60£1,800£2,090£2,360
Up to 75£2,250£2,600£2,950
Up to 90£2,700£3,120£3,540
Up to 105£2,910£3,365£3,820
Up to 120£3,330£3,845£4,365
Up to 135£3,745£4,325£4,910

Why do people love our
virtual team events?

🕹 A choice of six virtual games which your team won’t have tried anywhere else that get people laughing and talking.

🤪 Happy hosts that encourage inclusion and excitement.

⏳ A quick setup process that saves you time.

📺 TV game show themed production makes this remote event feel different and more memorable compared to a regular work video call.

📵 Hold your guest’s attention from start to finish.

No smartphone apps to distract people from the stars of the show . . . their teammates.

Friendly competition hooks players.

What’s included in our virtual team building event?

  • An online team building activity with a 70’s TV game show theme.
  • Professionally hosted by real humans. One host per 18~ guests
  • A choice of six collaborative virtual team games.
  • The length of the event is flexible from 35 minutes up to 4 hours.
  • Up to 180 guests can play at the same time via video call breakout rooms. (6 guests minimum)
  • We manage pre-event communication for you to get guest excited and make your life stress free.
  • A follow-up email the the guests with screenshots and highlights of the event.
  • 2.5% of your fees support Mind, A mental health charity. That’s about 20% of our net profits.
  • There are no old fashioned, measurable outcomes. Just let-your-hair-down-fun.
  • Luxury extras are available as optional add-ons.

Have a laugh with your team,
so you can work better together.

Call us now on 020 8088 3006 or


How Long does the activity last ?

Each game is approximately 35 minutes which means the event lengths is customisable to your agenda.

Usually people book 2-3 games for their virtual team event with us.

  • 1 Games = 30 – 45 mins
  • 2 Games = 75 Mins
  • 3 Games = 110 Mins (including a 10 min break after 2nd game)
  • 4 Games = 2.5 Hours (including a 10 min break after 2nd game)
  • 5 Games = 4 hours (including 2x 15 min break after 2nd and 4th game)

*approximate times.

What is the Max/Min group size?

We can host from 6 – 150 guests in a single event! For groups over 150 we connect very large groups over an afternoon with a shared leaderboard. Please would all come together for a kick off with up to 500 guests and an award ceremony.

What equipment and technology do you need?

Your players just need a basic window or Apple laptop with Zoom installed. Players can still join via their phone or web browser but this does limit some functionality of the event.

To keep it colourful we’ll ask people to wear an item of clothing in their team colours where possible.

Will we all be one the call together? (Breakrooms)

  • All your guests will join us via the same video link. To begin the call do an intro and then use breakout rooms to move guests into sub-groups of approx 14-18 guests. Each room is fully hosted by one of our team and we manage the process for you.
  • We believe it’s better to be able to talk, collaborate and build rapport with a small group of 15-18 people, rather than be lost on a call with 100 people.
  • Team’s play head to head to create a friendly competitive atmosphere. There are two teams in each breakout room going head to head. All the teams are on the same leaderboard to make the action feel connected.
  • At the end of the games we bring everyone back into the main chat to reveal the winners in a final ceremony. We need an even number of teams to make the event work.

What will my guests need to do?

  1. Answer a short series of questions ONLY If you pick “This Time It’s Personal” or “Are You Pulling My Leg?” then will include a short TypeForm in an email to them prior t0 the event.
  2. Wear team colours.
  3. Make sure they have Zoom installed on their laptops.
  4. Turn up with energy 💥
  5. Click on the zoom link on the start of the event.

That’s it!

Can international teams play in my virtual team building event?

  • Player you can join from all around the world. Anywhere that Zoom is accessible .
  • Steamed Egg is UK based which means we are able to accommodate teams from Sydney to LA. Plus we have a young hungry team who don’t mind getting up early or going to bed late.

What happens if more or less players than expected want to play?

  • We’re flexible. If you are unsure of your guests numbers, we book based on the minimum expected turnout. You can add more capacity closer to event date. We need to know an approximate number to the nearest 10-15 around 7 business days before your event.
  • If the additional players push your group into the pricing tier above, we will bill you for the extra capacity on a separate invoice.