Virtual Reality Team Building


😷 Covid-19 update – Virtual reality team building

We are currently not taking bookings for our in-person virtual reality team building activity.

We will review this over Summer 2021 and may re-launch this event from September onwards subject to the law and assessment of the safety of our guests. Please email us if you have questions about this event.


What is this all about?

Is it time to try something different at your next team building event? Indulge your team in a virtual reality treat 🍩.

At its heart, our fully hosted activity is a lively competition! We use VR as a catalyst for people to laugh, develop communication, lead and support each other. The result is a remarkable experience that will deepen your relationships.

Collaboration is baked into our VR experience which has players working together as they tackle challenges that are unlike anything you’ll come across in the real world.

Our team creates a relaxed atmosphere that’s a little bit silly, a lot of 😮 and focuses on boosting everyone’s energy. Perfect for when you want to finish an off- site conference in an innovative new way, or just want to bond your team at the end of the month.

The Headlines

Up to 3 Hours

Your booking can be made longer, shorter or broken up to fit your agenda.

£750+VAT Per VR Station

Inside the M25. Each VR station can accommodate up to 12 guests.

6 – 200 GUESTS

We can offer you flexibility on the day if you have  a ~10% more or less guests than expected.

We Travel to You

Whether your team off-site event is in Liverpool or at your office party is in London.

“One of the best activities I have ever booked for my team! Every single team member absolutely LOVED this experience as there was something for everyone. After the event I received multiple compliments from my team for booking Steamed Egg and could not stop telling me how much they enjoyed themselves. If you are planning an event (corporate or just for fun) then I would 100% recommend booking Steamed Egg, you will not be disappointed!”

Katy NajipourExecutive Assistant Deliveroo

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Steamed Egg’s Secret Event Sauce

  • Main ingredient: Unreal virtual reality content

    The cornerstone to any great VR event is of course, the freshest, free range VR games. We’ve spent over a year and a half racking our brains about which experiences work best in group settings.
  • The Steamed Egg team

    Events are about the people. Anyone can rock up to your office and drop off some VR headsets. But, it takes a special type of VR people lover to be able to host and excite your group. Especially when they need a pickup at the end of a long day!
    Our Gals and Guys are full of energy and are passionate about VR delivering a 5 Star event experience.
  • A handful of peak moments

    We design our competitions to maximise those “on the edge of your seat” moments. The ones where you look around at the laughter and know you have knocked this event out the park. You’ll know what we mean when you try our Google Earth Races or when points are stolen from you in VR Pictionary.
  • A sprinkling of the little things

    The devil of a VR event is in the detail. We throw in our own rules and bonus points to spice up the action. Mix in some carefully chosen music to soothe the soul and give it extra zest. Leadership roles are given to people with special occasions like new joiners or juniors.
    And Voila….. one delicious team building event recipe delivered to your door!
Drop us a message to tell us about what you have in mind for your next event.

Is VR Team Building right for you?

  • You want something original that no one in the team will have tried.
  • A Wow factor is essential.
  • You don’t want to travel from where you’ll be on the day.
  • You want an experience that’s going to have something for everyone in your team AND can be customized to your preferences.
  • You need flexibility in case of changes to group sizes or timings on the day.
  • You want to expose your team to the future of tech to prepare them for the incoming wave of virtual reality.

How much is it?

  • Our team building prices start from £41 per head for up to 3 hours in London. We price based on the number of VR stations you’ll need at your event.
  • Each Station can host up to 12 guests and is priced at £495 + VAT inside the M25. We go all over the uk and rates start at £0.65/station/mile outside the M25. Cost per mile reduces the further you are from us.

Customers who’ve tried our Steamed Eggvents….


Customers who’ve tried our Steamed Eggvents….

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